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All sports drinks are not created equal. Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions that we hope will help you understand why slow release energy will improve your endurance and why Race Rx is the best sports drink you can get. 

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Why do I need a slow release energy?

Technology in sports nutrition and endurance supplements is always advancing; it’s no different to the technology in bikes or wetsuits in that respect. What made a great endurance drink a few years ago is not the best now. 10 years ago simple sugars were the best you could get, then came Maltodextrin. Today, the latest research supports the use of high complexity carbohydrates in sports drinks that help maintain stable blood sugar levels without dips and spikes. Check the label on your sports drink, if it's made with sugar and maltodextrin (as most of them are) you are racing on 10 year old technology, would you want to to race today on a 10 year old bike? Exactly. After all, everything counts when you’re trying to shave minutes off your PB! Get a better endurance drink and start getting better times.

Why is Race Rx better than all the other sports drinks?

For a lot of reasons, but it really all boils down to the proprietary starch complex we use. We spent over two years identifying an energy source with the ideal properties for an endurance fuel. Other products on the market utilize readily available sugar, maltodextrin, or corn and potato starch; we scoured the globe before identifying a tropical plant - Cassava - that does a much better job. From Cassava we generate the HDA starch complex that lies at the heart of Race Rx, it's so good at what it does you'll feel like you have an unfair advantage.

My current sports drink is based on sugar or maltodextrin, what’s wrong with that?

You can read the Science page for our take on what’s wrong with simple sugar or maltodextrin, but the take home message is that sugar and maltodextrin cause swings in blood sugar that impair performance and slow you down. If you want the fastest time you can get you need the best sports drink you can get.

If sugar and maltodextrin are such poor choices why are they in so many other endurance drinks?

In part because they are cheap and readily available raw materials, in part as a result of history. There was a time when people were first starting to take an interest in sports nutrition that maltodextrin was the state of the art for sports nutrition, the best thing you could get in a sports drink, but that time has passed, science has moved on and the new state of the art is long chain slow release carbohydrates such as the starch complex in Race Rx.

What is HDA?

HDA stands for High Density Amylopectin, a name derived from the fact that the amylopectin molecules used in Race Rx have a particularly high molecular weight. In fact each molecule contains between 2 and 4 million individual sugar molecules linked together in huge multi-branched chain. To put that in perspective a sugar like glucose is composed of just one sugar molecule, sucrose (table sugar) is composed of two molecules joined together. The HDA starch comples in Race Rx has 2 - 4 million molecules all linked together. It is this fact that creates the slow energy release in Race Rx, it simply takes your digestive system a long time to break each of those molecules apart and deliver them to your blood stream as sugar. 

What is Amylopectin?

Amylopectin is the main component in starch, and starch is what plants use to store energy. Amylopectin is what makes foods like bread and pasta rich in energy. Amylopectin is made up of millions of individual sugar molecules (glucose) linked together in a massive branched chain. Click here for the chemical structure of both glucose and amylopectin.

How does HDA provide slow release energy?

All of the 4 million sugar molecules in each molecules of the HDA amylopectin are chemically joined together by covalent bonds and it requires a complex two step digestive process to break them apart and release the sugar into the blood stream.  

In the first step your body uses an enzyme called alpha-amylase which randomly cleaves the amylopectin into shorter pieces. Amylase will create a random assortment of increasingly smaller fragments, but only fragments containing 3 sugar molecules or less can proceed to step two. It is this cleavage of the massive amylopectin molecule by amylase that limits the release of glucose and gives us the slow energy release that we want in a good endurance fuel.

In step two a second enzyme, maltase, acts on the small fragments released by amylase and breaks them down into individual glucose molecules that can be absorbed through the lumen of the small intestine and into the blood steam. The net result is a steady stream of glucose entering the blood stream that serves to maintain your blood sugar level.

Is there a catch to your guarantee?

Nope. We want to make it easy for anyone to try Race Rx risk free. It's tough when you buy something online that you haven't been able to try first, what if you don't like it? now you're saddled with an endurance drink you don't like and you just wasted you're money. At Race Rx we stand behind our products, if for any reason you don't get along with it we'll give you your money back, it's as simple as that. 

What do I do if I want a refund?

Just drop an email to info@goracerx.com and we’ll get right back to you. We are happy to refund your full purchase price any time within the first 30 days from date of purchase.

Should I wait any longer?

No! jump over to the online Store and try Race Rx RISK FREE today! you’ll be glad you did.

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