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I tried Race Rx on a training bike ride and really enjoyed it. It was only a 36 mile ride but it was 97 out that afternoon and windy, so it was much enjoyed and I felt great! I had previously been using another product that my palate was not liking at all.
Becky Gibbs.- Temecula Valley Tri Club
james-adams.pngI tried the Race Rx on a rigorous training ride yesterday and I'd have to say, I was very impressed. I'm really into listening to my body and try to feed it what it wants all the time and throughout the ride I found myself craving more and more of the Race Rx.
James Adams. – Ironman
Tom LangdownCompleted my first full Iron Man (UK) fueled on Race Rx the entire way, this product is AMAZINGI Came in just over 13 hours and had a lot of energy left in the tank. I even finished the marathon leg doing 7 minute miles! Unheard of!!”
Tom Langdown.– London, UK
“I got a sample at the Temecula Valley Tri Club social this past Sunday and used it prior to the Vail Lake open swim last night and I loved it! It tasted great, digested and set in my stomach well, and I was able to feel the energy quickly. I'll definitely be buying some!”
Zack Baayen.– Temecula Valley Tri Club
Rick Wesels “Hi guys... I got 1st in my age group at XTERRA Snow Valley this last weekend! I have been getting real life positive results not only with my performance and lack of cramps but with my glucose management as well.”

Rick Wesels.– The Bike Shop, Temecula
“I used your product on 2 rides this week and during those 2 rides I believe I performed better than I have on any other ride. As well as feeling very energized and fueled I thought that the drink was very refreshing for being on hot rides and it went down very smoothly.”
John Rees. – Temecula Valley Tri Club
“Just tried Race Rx. I used it while running a half marathon and I can't say enough how much I loved your product. I would love to get more and use it for my future workouts and races.”
Tina Williams. – Temecula Valley Tri Club
“There was no ”crash” after my workout today. That is great! I haven’t had that in quite a while!”

Carletta Stokes. – Temecula Valley Tri Club
rob-olsen.pngI Just tried Race Rx, taste is good, other people tell me yours tastes better than others they have tried. Yesterday I did a long workout run at a little under 8:00 min/mile pace. I was testing myself to see if I could go 26 miles without bonking, this run convinced me my plan was working and that Race Rx taken as directed will get me through without bonking where as my old routine won’t. I like Race Rx and yesterday’s run convinced me I’ll be one of your regular customers.
Rob Olsen.– Temecula Valley Tri Club

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